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                            Sports and Cultural Activities
The Orissa Postal Circle is organising the circle level sports selection every year in different disciplines as listed below. Basing on th eperformance the teams are being sent to participate in All India Level.
       Entries for holding the Circle Level selection are being invited during May/june every year.
  1. Chess
  2. Carrom
  3. Weightlifting,Powerlifting & Best Phisique
  4. Badminton(For Senior upto 45 years For Veteran above 45 years)
  5. Table Tennis (For Senior upto 45 years For Veteran above 45 years)
  6. volleyball
  7. Kabaddi
  8. Basketball
  9. Athletics
  10. Football
  11. Hockey
  12. Cricket
  13. Wrestling
  14. Cultural

All the employees of the department, casual mazdoors/G.D.S and RTP are eligible to participate in postal sports meet/selection/tournament.However Casual Mazdoors/G.D.S and RTP with less than 6 months continous service will not be eligible to participate in postal sports meet/selection/tournament this point may be verified by the Divisional Heads before sponsoring their names. 

Entry form for participation in the Circle Sports meet


The employees of the department, their spouse and dependant children can participate in the Meet. In case of GDS officials length of service should not be less then six months.

Entry Fee:-

For each item One Rupee will be piad by the compititor as entry fee in form of I.P.O duly crossed and made payable to the Secretary OCPSB o/o The CPMG Orissa Circle Bhubaneswar.

Pattern Of Competition:-

The compitition will be held in two groups viz: Junior group and Senior Group.
For the Junior Group only those dependant children of the employees will be eligible who are below the age 15 years.

              In case of perticulars in Junior Group the age certificate in prescribed proforma should be enclosed in the entry form. Participants below 15 years of age can not participate in Senior Group . In case of Snior Group participants they are requested top submit a declaration in the enclosed proforma.

Items Of Competition:-

Competition will be held separately for Hindustani and Karnatic Style, in Vocal and instrumental music,Dance and Monoacting.
Sr. Group Jr. Group
a) Vocal Music Classical      10 mts.          7 mts.
b) Vocal Music Light         4 mts.          4mts.
c) Vocal Music Folk         4 mts                4 mts.
d) Instrumenta Music String-sitar,violine,sarod,guitar      10 mts          7 mts
e) Instumental Music Wind-flute,shehnai      10 mts.          7 mts
f) Instumental Music percussion- tabla,pakahwaj      10 mts           7mts
g) Vocal Musib Classical     10 mts.           7 mts
h) Vocal Music Light       4 mts.           4 mts.
i) Vocal Music Folk         4 mts           4 mts.
j) Instrumental Music String-Violine,Veena     10 mts           7  mts.
k) Instrumental Music wind-flute,nadhaswaram     10 mts        7 mts
l) Instrumental Music Percussion-mrudangam, ghatam     10 mts      7 mts 
m) Bharatnatyam      12 mts     7 mts 
n) kathak      12 mts     7 mts
o) Kuchipudi      12 mts     7 mts
p) Kathakali      12 mts     7 mts
q) Manipuri      12 mts     7 mts
r) Odissi      12 mts     7mts
s) Satriya       12 mts     7 mts
                                                          GROUP/FOLK DANCE
t) A minimum of 4 and maximum of 8 participants may perform a group/ folk dance depending any custom in Indian Cultural Heritage      12 mts      7 mts 
u) Time limit includes the introduction by the participants as to what he/she and the action as well    5 mts.      5 mts  
    Limitations in Participation:-

             Participant cannnot participate in more than two items in a particular group indicated below:-
Group 'A' Items a,b,c,g,h and i above
Group 'B' Items d and j above
Group 'C' Items e and k above
Group 'D' Items f and i above
Group 'E' Items o,p q,r and s above
           Each participant can bring only one accompanist if necessary. The accompanist need not necessarily be an employee of the department or his/her spouse or dependant children. Two(2) accompanist will be available one in Table and ine in Harmonium during the item of compitition.
 All the entries duly filled up in prescribed proforma, In case of junior participant certificate of birth and education should be enclosed duly signed by the competent authority (Proforma enclosed). Age certificate in nay other form will not be entertained.
T.A. and D.A. will be paid to the participants those who will secure positions in the circle cultural meet only. However special C.L. is permissible to all eligible partcipants and escorts for junior participants for this purpose.
Entry form for participation in the Circle cultural meet