List Of Speed Post Centres In Orissa Circle

Sl. NoName Of The StateName Of the Post Office Providing Speed Post Passport ServicePin CodeName Of the RPO to which the Post Office is attached
1OrissaAska H.O.761110Bhubaneswar
2OrissaAthagarh H.O.754029Bhubaneswar
3OrissaBalasore H.O.756001Bhubaneswar
4OrissaBargarh H.O.768028Bhubaneswar
5OrissaSoro MDG 756045 Bhubaneswar
6OrissaBaripada H.O.757001 Bhubaneswar
7OrissaBhadrak H.O. 756100 Bhubaneswar
8OrissaBhanjanagar H.O. 761126 Bhubaneswar
9OrissaBhawani Patna H.O. 766001Bhubaneswar
10OrissaNuapada MDG 766105 Bhubaneswar
11OrissaBalangir H.O.767001 Bhubaneswar
12OrissaSonepurraj MDG767017 Bhubaneswar
13OrissaBhubaneswar GPO 751001 Bhubaneswar
14OrissaNimapara MDG 752016 Bhubaneswar
15OrissaSahidnagar MDG751007 Bhubaneswar
16OrissaBerhampur(Gm)HO760001 Bhubaneswar
17OrissaCuttack GPO753001 Bhubaneswar
18OrissaChandinichowk HO, cuttack753002 Bhubaneswar
19OrissaChhatrapur H.O 761020 Bhubaneswar
20OrissaDhenkanal H.O. 759001 Bhubaneswar
21OrissaJagatsinghpurH.O.754103 Bhubaneswar
22OrissaTalcher MDG759100 Bhubaneswar
23OrissaParadeep MDG 754142 Bhubaneswar
24OrissaJajpur H.O.755001 Bhubaneswar
25OrissaJajpur Rd. MDG755019 Bhubaneswar
26OrissaJeypore(k)H.O. 764001 Bhubaneswar
27OrissaJaleswar HO 756032 Bhubaneswar
28OrissaJharsuguda H.O. 768201 Bhubaneswar
29OrissaKendrapara H.O. 768201 Bhubaneswar
30OrissaPattamundai MDG 754215 Bhubaneswar
31OrissaSalipur MDG 754202 Bhubaneswar
32OrissaKeonjharagarh H.O. 758001 Bhubaneswar
33OrissaBarbil MDG 758035 Bhubaneswar
34OrissaKhurda H.O. 752055 Bhubaneswar
35OrissaKoraput H.O. 764020 Bhubaneswar
36OrissaNowrangapur MDG764059 Bhubaneswar
37OrissaMalkangiri MDG764045 Bhubaneswar
38OrissaNayagarh HO 752069 Bhubaneswar
39OrissaParalakhemundi H.O. 761200 Bhubaneswar
40OrissaPhulbaniHO 762001 Bhubaneswar
41OrissaBoudharaj MDG 762014 Bhubaneswar
42OrissaPuri H.O. 752001 Bhubaneswar
43OrissaRayagada H.O. 765001 Bhubaneswar
44OrissaRourkela H.O. 769001 Bhubaneswar
45OrissaRajrangapur H.O. 757043 Bhubaneswar
46OrissaSundergarh H.O. 770017 Bhubaneswar
47OrissaRajgangapurMDG 770017 Bhubaneswar
48OrissaSambalpur 768001 Bhubaneswar
49OrissaBurlaMDG 768017 Bhubaneswar
50OrissaDeogarhMDG 768018 Bhubaneswar
51OrissaUditnagarH.O.769012 Bhubaneswar