Object: To provide secure transmission of customers articles.A record is kept at all stages the article passes through.Also the registered articles are transmitted, under special precautions.

Articles which can be registered
Letter cards
Book and pattern packets
Blind literature packets

Parcels and newspapers prepaid with postage at newpapes rates of postage may be registered at any post office.

Registration is cumpolsury for the following
  • Any parcel exceeding 4 kilograms in weight.
  • Any Insured article
  • Any parcel addressed to a place for which a customers declaration is required
  • Any article containing the following stamps labels,cheque,hundi bank note,bank post bill,bill of exchange.
  • Any article bearing the word "registered" on the cover.
  • Any registered article which is reposted after having been delivered
  • Any value payable article.

How To Register:

Any article intended for registration must be presented at the window of the post office.

A reciept will be given to the person who presents an article for registration at the post office window during the hours prescribed for posting registered article.

No such article shall also be accepted for registration-

  • Where it contains words to the effect that it ha sbeen,or is intended to be insured for any specific sum, or that is may contain valuable contents unless it is also tobe insured, or
  • Where such words are scored out

Compensation to be paid in respect of International Registered article in Post Offices in India in case of loss/total theft/total demage are as under:

For loss/total theft/total demage-30 SDR( 1 SDR = INR 65.8222 for 2009)