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With its tremendous reach and expertise India Post specializes in acceptance of payments across the counter and their consolidation. e-Payment is a 'Many to One' service through which bills(telephone, electricity etc) paid by customers in post offices are electronically consolidated. The key features of the service are as follows:
  • Post Office collects bill payment across the counter from customers for Service Providers or the billers like BSNL, Airtel, RTOs, Electricity supply Companies etc.
  • Post Office issues a reciept to the cusomers and the accounts for the transaction.
  • The collection data is updated into a Central Server and is accessible to the Biller through a web interface.
  • The accounts are consolidated electronically and amount paid to the biller at one point convenient to the Biller.
  • Biller can also upload details of bills which facilities the cusomer to pay bill amount at post office even if bills are not recieved.
  • Billers can download the collection details in formats required by them.

Any Organization that wishes to become ePayment biller may contact the Postmaster, Senior Superintendent of Post Offices, Director of Postal Services or Postmaster General concerned or BD Cell of Circle Office.

Who can be the biller?

The service provider catagory includes almost the whole gamut of the servie industry-
  • education
  • finance
  • telecommunication
  • electricity
  • water supply
  • government(land revenue, property tax, income tax,police, etc)

The frequency of payment could be fornightly to annual.

Biller should provide following informations:-
  • Biller Name:-NAme of the biller(maximum 15 charactyers) as to be printed in customer reciepts.
  • Biller description:Full Description of biller.
  • Biller address, city and pincode.
  • E-mail id of biller
  • Details of bills:bill is for what purpose.
  • Billing periodicity:monthly, bimonthly,quarterly etc.
  • Whether customer reciept numbers to be in specific format?If yes reciept number width, prefix and suffix character if any.
  • Description field names with maximum field width, specific field formats if any, date formats, whether field to be printed in customer reciept.
  • Amount fields with amount reciever name, office through which payment is desired to get, amount maximum and minimum limits if any.
  • If bills can be accepted by scanning barcodes then from character and to character of each fields with field name and other details as above should be provided. 
If biller wants to upload bill details:-
  • Upload file format:either plain text or XML.
  • In case of text file format field separator(delimeter)character and field positions in text file.
  • In case of XML format XML tags for each fields in file should be provided.
If biller wants to download collection details:-
  • Mode of file transfer:either email,ftp or http
  • In case of email, email address should be provided.
  • In case of ftp, ftp address, folder name, user name and password have to be provided.
  • In case of http, collection details can be viewed by logging into our Website
  • File format:either plain text or XML.
  • In case of text file format field separator(delimiter)character andorder of fields in text file.
  • In case of XML format XML tags for each tags in file should be provided.
  • Periodicity of file download
  • Wheather the file to be zipped, or file should contain header.
  • Required file extensions(.txt,.doc etc)
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