Electronic International Miney Order Service

International Money Remittance between people of India and the UAE will become easier after India Post and Emirates Post, UAE signed an agreement to launch 'Electronic International Money Orders' through the postal network, using secure International Finencial System(IFS) of the UPU(Universal Postal Union) from February, 2008.

An egreement facilitating the system was signed in Dubai of Imairates Post Ibrahim Karam Ali Bin Karam.

The remitter of money in UAE is to inform the payee in India about the money sent and the identity proof of the payee mentioned at the time of booking of the money order.

Modes Of Payment:

  • Home Delivery-Payment at the payee's address.
  • Counter Payment-Payment at the Post office Counter.

Delivery Norms:

  • Payment will be made to the payee on the same day in the case of money orders payable at post office counter
  • Payment will be made within two days in the case of money orders payable at the payees address.

Limit & Mode Of Payment:

  • Money Orders up to Rs.20,000/- will be paid at the payee's residance.
  • Money Order amount greater than Rs.20,000/- upto Rs50,000/- will be paid at the authorized post office.
  • Money Order amount greater than Rs50,000/- will be paid by cheque.
  • Maximum limit of payment is $2500 or equivqlent in other currensies per remittance subject to a limit of 12 remittances by a single recipient in a year.