CBS- Core Banking Project

India Post provides accessible and affordable service to the people of India through its unparalleled network of Post Offices, mails,Savings,Insurance, and parcel are the mainstay of post offices with several new services like Western Union Money Transfer,Electronic Money Order and distribution of mutual funds taken sucessfully in the last decade. adue to its competative advantage of geographically accessability and its time tested accounti procedure, India Post has also positioned itself as a reliable agency for the Government Of India (GOI) in implementing its inclusive growth polices. Not only does the Post Office disburse MGNREGS wage and old age pension paymentsbut also in the processhas opened saving accounts to a large number of financiallyexcluded people.

To ipmrove its service quality and operational efficiency, India Post has embarkedon an IT modernization programme . One of the key components of this IT modernization programme is to introduce a centralised core banking solution with alternate delivery channels facilitating any time any where banking environment . This core banking environment wll enable fast transfer of funds and easier withdrwals. The alternate the delivery channels planned for service delivery are ATMs, Internet, Phone, SMS, and Mobil Banking. This is an eleventh five year plan Project and envisages implementation of CBS in all departmenta Post Offices during the plan period.