Department of post is proud to have the largest postal network in the wold.

Our service area continues to expand to rach people even in hilly,difficult and inaccessible terrains.At the same time there is a continous endeavor to improve our services/operation with innovative ideas and induction of technology. Our commitment towards rendering better service emanates from our mission.

Objective of our Citizen's Charter:

This citizen's chater is an expression of our commitments towards improving our services offered to make them more efficient and responsive and at the same time to make our working transparent to our valued customers.

This citizen's charter is an attempt to bring the Department closer to its customers.

Our Citizen's Charter Commitments:

  • We will treat you with courtesy and consideration.
  • Our staff will be helpfull.
  • We will attened promptly to your inquiries and complaints.
  • We will provide all the informations at the customer care centers.
  • We will speedily redress customer grievances.
  • We will make posting facilities easily accessible as far as possible.