Postal Life Insurance Schemes-(SUVIDHA)

A convertible Whole Life Assurance Scheme:

  • Minimum Age at entry is 19 years.
  • Maximum Age at entry is 50 years.
  • Insurance cover starts from the date of acceptance
  • Suvidha can be converted into Santosh after 5 years
  • Maximum Sum Assured is INR 20 lakhs
  • Maturity at theage of 50,55 or 58 years.
  • On conversation,premia & terms will be revised accordingly.
  • Bonus due on the policy will also change as applicable to Santosh Policy on conversation.
  • Loan facility after 4 years.
  • Surrender value payable after 3 years.
  • Assignment facility available.
  • Nomination facility available.

Most convenient policy for Income tax payers and new entrants to service,who can plan their savings keeping in view the increase in taxliability and the increase in their earnings over a period of 5 years.