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                                      Rural Postal Life Insurance Scheme:-Gram Priya
It is an Anticipated Endowment Scheme for 10 years.

  • Insurance cover start from the date of acceptance.
  • Proponent is given an assurance to the extent of Sum Assured with accrued bonus payable till completion of 10 years.
  • Minimum age entry is 20 years,
  • Maximum Age entry is 45 years.
  • No Interest charged upto one year arrear of premia in case of natural calamities like flood,drought,earthquake,cyclone etc.
  • Survival banafit is payable as under:-
  1. At the end of 4 years - 20 %.
  2. At the end of 7 years - 20 %.
  3. At the end of 10 years - 60 % with accrued bonus.
  •       Nomination facility is available.
    • No loan facility.
    • No surrender value is payable.
    • Assignment facility is available
    • Sum assured minimum Rs10,000/- & maximum Rs5,00,000/-.      
Children Policy:-
      The salient features of this policy are same as that of PLI-children policy except the following 
           Sum assured : Minimum:Rs 10,000/- and Maximum Rs 1,00,000/-